Anathema: An Original and Positive Meaning

The word "anathema" comes from ancient Greek ανάθεμα, which meant "offering" or "dedication" or "all that is sacred in the temple of God."

In ancient Greece, it referred to an offering made to the gods, deposited in a temple as a sacred object. These offerings were signs of devotion and gratitude, representing a special bond between humans and the divine. The word implied something positive and valuable, intended to honor the deities and ensure their favor.

Over time, the use of "anathema," especially in the Christian religious context, evolved, acquiring negative connotations and being associated with excommunications and curses. However, its original meaning remains a reminder of its consecrated and sacred nature.

In our vision, "anathema" represents a commitment to deeper connection with oneself and the world around us. We have taken its original and positive meaning to integrate it into our philosophy of uplifting humanity. Our creations are an offering of style and creativity, dedicated to those who value authenticity and innovation.


Theta: Symbol of Depth and Mystery

The word "anathema" contains the letter theta (Θ, ϴ), which has a rich history and symbolism loaded with meaning.

From its role in Greek linguistics to its use in mathematics, theta encapsulates concepts of depth, mystery, and transcendence. It is the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet and represents the sound similar to "th" in the English word "think."

It is a fundamental letter in the writing and phonetics of classical Greek. In the context of geometry and mathematics, the letter theta is commonly used to represent an angle. This mathematical use reflects the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of the universe.

Its deep symbolic significance was used as a symbol of death, as it was said to represent the first letter of the word "thanatos," meaning death. However, in other contexts, theta symbolizes eternity and spirituality, due to its closed shape and its use in various philosophical and mystical systems.

Theta, with its symbolic significance, complements the idea of "anathema" as something profound and meaningful, a journey towards consciousness and the eternal, resonating with the avant-garde philosophy of the brand. It reinforces the connection with individuality and authenticity, celebrating fashion as an expression that transcends time.